full on hipster narcissistic post

checklist of my hipness-hipsterness-dinkness today:

  • gym morning run for 30 mins
  • morning coffee, eggs, and milkshake WITH SPINACH (who have i become) and raspberries (still me!)
    • to be clear this is 3 seperate things, not one big milkshake.
  • neutral/white outfit for full on “fashion” relevancy (well, what, i REALLY like what i figured out to wear today)
  • morning instagram posted
  • bixi-ed to work (toronto bike rental) with a cool backpack
  • with bluetooth headphones and apple watch, phone safely in said backpack. music controlled via tapping on wrist, and no wires in the way (WHAT this is insanely amazing actually, feels like the FUTURE).
  • said backpack also contains apple, a sandwich, a laptop (mac, nat), and high heels
  • now to work with starbucks coffee in this industrial hip office.

please mock me for my brand-aware-on-trend-life. i can’t stand myself right now.

(clearly I don’t care what the bible says:

1 Timothy 5:6 But the one who is self-indulgent is already dead,even though she lives.)