the quiet before the storm (of assignments)

photo of garlic, rippedmy life is officially great.

well, i guess i’ll have to work backwards again, to update you all eagerly awaiting audience on the past 4 days.

however, it turns out i have another passion in life outside of photography, and fashion.

it is cooking. yes, i know, you are all shocked. but the more time i’m spending at tim’s, the more i cook, and the more i cook, the better i feel because tim finishes all of it always and asks for seconds. its a good feeling. and i realized i really, really like tastes and food.

so i added a new category. its called “what olya cooked today“. talk about self centered…

so, to recap this past week.
sunday i headed home, in jeans, black shoes, and spent a great day with parents. we ate a fantastic dinner together with tim, of my mom’s roasted duck. unfortunately it was not as juicy as usual, but it was still pretty darn tasty. i also went on a mini photshoot of last fall leaves with mom and shady. here are two pictures that i selected and edited since then: 1 2

sundried tomatoes, ripped
monday: headed out bright and “early” at 1 downtown, for tim to study, and for me to try studying. it was midly successful. it was another black simple shirt (long sleeve, slim horizontal neck cut), jeans, black shoes, stuff like that.

tuesday: classes, classes, classes. jeans, jeans, jeans. honey garlic wings and fries for dinner, and a tiring 3 hour class. then i went home and finished watching sex and the city with mom, ate fantastic mushroom soup with blintzes with meat, curtesy mom. was awesome. fell asleep late (3-4am) after watching “a perfect murder, and loving the haircut of the girl.

wednesday: woke up at 9am, and headed out by taxi to my hairdresser. sorry, no photos of my hair, but its short, blond and tim called it “elegant”. wednesday evening was spent buying zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, and 3 pomegranets (for $5), the joy of life.

zucchini 01here in lies my proudest moments of the week. first off, i made some fantastic zucchini (wow that’s tought to spell). heat up some (a lot) oil, add some (like 3 cloves) garlic chopped, and sun dried tomatoes (which i soaked in some wholesome olive oil for 24 hours ahead) chopped to larger pieces than garlic, and heat all of that up to just before garlic browns (at like almost medium heat). quickly peel the zucchini, and shop it into circles, and dip it into the oil, keeping it all at lower heat, for about 10-15 minutes, until the circles become white, and tender.

it is absolutely delicious.

oh yeah, and i was dressed super hot the whole day too! soft green skirt, and black top with two zippers, and new haircut, and black boots. i looked positively hot. :D

but, it gets even better.

mozzarella gthursday: very, very productive day. went to databases tutorial (not that helpful), met the prof, picked up midterm and assignments (i’m an idiot, but that’s okay, cause my amazing boyfriend doesn’t mind or see it :P ). even got the mark on my midterm raised… but not by enough. i’m 4 marks away from a pass. 4 marks out of 250… *sighs*
after that, went to the bank and felt positively important as i got to go upstairs behind the locked door and through the hallway next to the open safe. like, lined up, and then the lady at the counter said that it’ll be 10 minutes before someone can talk to me, and when the time came the woman actually like walked around until she found me. so i got my accounts all set up and figured out. they were really impressed by my credit, i think. mwahahaha.
afterwards, back to kensington market, and picked up a sturdy lock for my bike. w00t.
and theeeen i bought more zucchini, dill, realized i have not a clue what basil looks like, and couldn’t get that, lemons (mm, pretty), green onions, and 100 grams of FANTASTIC mozarella. ooh so creamy, good tasty, awesome.

and for my dinner i had more of those zucchinis, but the highlight of this evening was this fantastic connoction:

  • a bit of mozarella topped with
  • dill
  • a sundried tomato lightly warmed up
  • a tiny bit of garlic
  • its like the sandwich without any disgusting bread. bread would so ruin that.

    after all that joy i had a pomegranate and an episode of CSI (season 1, friends and lovers).

    and then there was class, and then there i am at home, and time had just FLOWN since i returned. i still didn’t cook anything, but those zucchinis are mighty tempting to be friend up with some flower into crunchy healthy snacks.

    next week will kill me with assignment and school work.
    same with the week after.
    if only i had work ethic, intead of clothes, food and fun ethic!